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Infant Department

Information about the Infant Department

General Information

The children are supervised from 8.45am in the under 5 area.

We encourage the children to be independent so please leave your child at the main gate; members of staff/school prefects will be there to take your child down to the play area.

If you wish to make personal contact with any teacher then please ask the teacher on duty at the gate before school begins or at the end of the school day.


We listen to the children reading in school on a daily basis, but we would appreciate it if you could also listen to your child reading at home, and we would be grateful if you could make a note of what you have listened to within the child’s personal record book.


Is normally given on a Monday and should be completed by the following Friday. Like wise homework handed out on a Friday should be handed in on the following Monday.

You are welcome to put notes in with your child’s homework as a method of corresponding with the school.


Every child is given free milk on a daily basis

Snack money

Mrs Gimblett's Class- We encourage all children to eat healthily. For this reason we regularly hold cooking session where the children are shown how to prepare their own snacks e.g. fruit, salads, toasts, cakes etc. We kindly ask all of the children to donate £1 a week to cover all costs. Please place the £1 in an envelope every Monday and place it in your child's file. This means you child does NOT need to bring in any snack money or snack as this covers all.

Mrs Barnett - The children can bring in 20p per day to spend in the tuck shop.

Physical Education

Every Friday for all classes. PE kit to be worn to school on this day (school PE t-shirt, navy/black shorts or track suit to be worn with school jumper/hoodie.

Communication, Learning and Sharing

This site has information and pictures on things the children do. This site is also a source of information.

The school also has a Twitter account. Keep up to date by following @ysgolpumheol.

Please check your child's file daily for any letters, key documents relating to forthcoming events etc.